Norwegian Taxes Fund Islamification

Norwegian Taxes Fund Islamification

Norwegian taxpayers are seeing their government use their money to fund the Islamification of their country.

The ruling regime has approved a grant for nearly 100,000 euros that will be used by a radical Islamist community to convert a church that’s over 100-years-old into a mosque.

The money will go to the Islamic Cultural Center – an organization that has several Islamic schools in their mosques in Drammen, Oslo, and Mjøndalen where children can stay overnight.

This isn’t the first time the centrist Norwegian Christian has awarded large sums of money to the Islamists. In the past, the Islamic Cultural Center, which has a total of 3,775 registered members, has received nearly 70,000 euros to convert a former Baptist church in Stavanger to a mosque.

Another 20,000 euros funded the conversion of a prayer house in Skien to a mosque. The Søndre Nordstrand Muslim Center was awarded nearly 30,000 euros.