Notre Dame WILL Rise Again

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Notre Dame WILL Rise Again

Two years ago today, firemen in Paris were still damping down the smouldering ruin of Notre Dame - one of the most iconic cathedrals in the world. In the weeks that followed, liberal atheists, led by France's President Macron, pushed all they could for a 'reconstruction' that would have created a modernist monstrosity in place of the much-loved 800-year-old Gothic elegance of the original. 

In a rare but very welcome victory for tradition and true faith, it has now been confirmed that the liberal effort to exploit the fire to get rid of the real Notre Dame has been abandoned.

Two years after it was ravaged by a raging inferno, the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris has been virtually revived in beautiful three-dimensional images that will be used to help painstakingly resurrect the iconic building.

Standing on the Île de la Cité in the middle of the River Seine, Notre-Dame is a medieval Catholic cathedral consecrated to the Virgin Mary that was constructed from 1163–1260 under the Bishop of Paris Maurice de Sully. The fire that destroyed it has been attributed to an accident during renovation, although many people still suspect a covered-up 'cultural jihad' attack by Islamic extremists,

The limestone-fronted structure is considered to be not only a symbol of Paris but also one of the finest examples of European Gothic architecture — resplendent with its colourful rose windows and pioneering vaults and buttresses.

The completion of the 3-D images has been followed by confirmation that the cathedral will be rebuilt exactly as it was in its first glory. The company running the renovation has signed a contract with software company Autodesk to use their digital 'Building Information Modeling' (BIM) system as the basis of all the work. Data on the structure collected using reality capture technologies both prior to the fire and in its aftermath has allowed models to be built to help guide the restoration and restore Notre-Dame for posterity.

The aim is for the huge reconstruction project to be complete ready for the first mass to be held in the restored cathedral's nave on April 15, 2024 - the fifth anniversary of the outbreak of the fire.

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