Nottingham Rampage Attack - Who to blame?

Nottingham Rampage Attack - Who to blame?

Although they still won't admit it, the alleged attacker in the Nottingham rampage, now in police custody, is black. 

Whatever his motivation for the van and knife murders, that means that there are more culprits to blame for the mayhem than him.

We may be dealing with an inner city drug gangs feud, an Islamist terror attack, or the ultra-violence that is so often connected with long-term drug abuse. But whichever it is, we are also looking in every one of these cases at the consequences of the political and media elite's 'Great Replacement' policy.

Before Nottingham was transformed into its current "vibrant, multi-cultural diversity", it was a law-abiding place known primarily for its lace-making, tobacco and light engineering. Now it is notorious for 'ethnic minority' gangs, shootings and stabbings. Like so many of our cities, it has been changed beyond all recognition.

We never asked for this. We never gave our consent. We never voted for it. But the elite did it anyway. Today, there is even more blood on their hands!