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Now THAT’S Real Gun Reform!

Teachers in North Carolina who rise to the challenge of being able to defend their pupils in the event of a mass shooter attack could get a pay rise if they carry concealed guns in the classroom.


The proposed new school protection law known as the School Sanctuary Act of 2019 would set aside $9.3 million for qualifying volunteer teachers to undergo proper firearms training.

It would also add a five percent raise to their annual salaries for potentially putting themselves at risk.

N.C. State Rep. Larry Pittman, the Republican who sponsored the School Sanctuary bill, noted during a Wednesday press conference that 20 states have already adopted measures similar to the one he’s proposing.

Last year, Pittman said he introduced the School Self Defense Act in the state general assembly, but his fellow lawmakers killed the initiative in committee.

‘This is a failure to act that I fear may one day cost lives that could have been saved,’ Pittman said.

Retired teacher and Marine veteran Jean Fitzsimmons said there are many North Carolina teachers who would want to be armed, but aren’t currently permitted to be under state law.

Fitzsimmons was referring to the late coach Aaron Feis, who was fatally while protecting his students during the Parkland shooting a year ago.

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