Nuclear War – Take A Good Look At Where The Deep State Are Pushing Trump To Take Us

If the global elite manage to blunder into World War Three, this horrifying footage shows what YOU and YOUR FAMILY will face as a direct result. Take a good look! And if you really don’t fancy it, post this video everywhere possible to help wake people up and build the popular backlash against the warmongers in the media.

The globalist warmongers are literally playing with fire, and all our lives! Russia has made it very clear that any attack on Syria on the excuse of the false flag atrocity in Douma will be regarded as an act of war – and that the forces responsible will be legitimate targets for an immediate and devastating response.

So if Nato missiles or jets hit Syria, they and their launch bases will simply cease to exist. That in turn will give Trump, May and Macron a simple, stark choice: Back down or escalate the crisis into immediate and total World War.

Up until now, the journalists spreading ridiculous lies in the ‘mainstream media’ have been able to do so with a warm, fuzzy glow of righteous warmongering, coupled with their editors’ approval of stories that are good for sales.

But from here on in, every single sabre-rattling story pushes us all closer to being vapourised in a nuclear holocaust fought in order to save Al Qaeda in Syria.

If that happens, our earnest hope is that the journalists responsible for this obscenity live just long enough to see their loved ones die a lingering death from radiation poisoning.  latuff.gif

To help them understand the deadly danger of what they are doing, we need YOUR help. Over the next few days we are going to publish one classic anti-war clip every day at 14.00 GMT and another at midnight.

We need you to take the url of each of them, and spend ten or fifteen minutes posting them in the Comments sections of the mainstream media. If you find a section that’s moderated and if they won’t let you post it, then skip to their unmoderated gardening and holiday pages and post them there!

It really doesn’t matter where these videos appear, what matters is to circulate them as widely as possible. Together with this simple message:

“Don’t risk WW3 by interfering in Syria. It’s not our fight, so stay OUT. Defend OUR borders and spend the money building up OUR country. That’s got to be better than dying in a nuclear holocaust!”

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