Nurse Blows Whistle on Baby Jab Deaths

Nurse Blows Whistle on Baby Jab Deaths

A courageous nurse has blown the whistle on the deaths of babies after their mothers had the covid jab.  The whistleblower shared her concerns about the alarming increase in fetal deaths whose mothers had received a COVID-19 vaccine during a discussion hosted by Children’s Health Defense (CHD).

Registered Nurse Michelle Gershman joined Dr. James Thorp and members of the CHD team on their weekly show to discuss the connection between the COVID shots and fetal deaths, as well as the lack of serious attention given to the rising issue. 

“I don’t understand how people just brush it off and pretend it’s not a big deal,” Gershman said during the discussion. “It’s absolutely a big deal. I do truly believe that babies are given to us by God, they’re meant to bring us love and joy, and if something comes between that, trying to take your baby away, to me that’s absolutely evil.” 

Gershman began working as a postpartum nurse in November 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. At first, she said that the virus didn’t appear to have major impacts on fetal deaths and health issues for pregnant women.  

But over time, the nurse witnessed various circulatory problems among mothers. In addition to high blood pressure which continued even after giving birth, women experienced more blood clots and bursting of blood vessels in the eyes. Some babies born to vaccinated women were unusually fatigued, and their faces appeared discolored or bruised, and not from jaundice. Many of these babies were also sent to the NICU with breathing trouble. 

When the vaccines were released in spring 2021, she started to notice frequent problems, including high blood pressure, among pregnant mothers and early deliveries. Gershman noted that many of the women experiencing these issues had received a vaccine not long before their symptoms began. Shortly after, women were “all of the sudden in the hospital delivering their babies and their babies would go to NICU [neonatal intensive care unit].” 

Worse, many unborn babies died.  

“I already noticed that this increase in fetal demises was happening, but no one was really saying anything about them,” the nurse recalled. “When I started working there, I would see one fetal demise every two or three months. And then when these shots started coming out, we were starting to see them maybe once a week.” 

In September 2022, Gershman and her coworkers received an email from a hospital manager addressing the increase. The number of fetal deaths reportedly went from one or two each month to 20 each month, a number which increased following the distribution of the COVID shots. However, rather than calling for approaches on how to save the dying babies, the email informed hospital staff to “brush up on your policies” in order to “be able to handle a dead baby.”