Omicron - Last Chance Saloon for the Elite Covid Criminals

Omicron - Last Chance Saloon for the Elite Covid Criminals

Even hardened watchers of the Great Reset may be a little surprised by the utterly ridiculous stampede by their vax-happy government to impose yet more jabs, masks and restrictions on the population. But the reality of the new Omicrom variant is that, left to its own devices, it could well end the whole sorry charade.

All the reports coming out of South Africa are that Pmicrom does what later variants of most viruses do: It has mutated to spread very quickly and to do far less harm to its hosts as it does so. Omicrom will therefore rip through every population where it gets a grip (which will be everywhere, with lockdowns only delaying its progress), infecting vast numbers. They will feel a little ill for a couple of days, and then be fine again.

At which point herd immunity and an understanding that Covid is now absolutely nothing to worry about will kick in on a global scale - and the whole vax regime/lockdown regime will be completely unsaleable. It's because they know this, and because they cannot accept it, that so many governments are now rushing to impose a new and even wider wave of vaccinations and other totally unnecessary restrictions. It's the only way to keep the fear porn even remotely effective.

So hold the line and step up your own personal anti-vax crusade. Cruch time is upon us!