One Cheer For Boris!

One Cheer For Boris!

The choice between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn was like a choice between heart failure and Alzheimer’s Disease. The latter is, in most respects, more frightening and unpleasant, but it doesn’t make the former actively desirable. Yet again, the British have had to choose the lesser of two evils.

This won’t be obvious immediately. For now, we understand – and to an extent share – the collective sigh of relief of many millions of patriotic Brits that we have seen off the threat of the economic, social and political disaster that would have been imposed by the deeply anti-British, terrorist-loving, half-baked Marxism of Jeremy Corbyn. And, of course, we welcome the end of the liberal elite scheme to force a second referendum and to exploit Britain’s fast-changing demographics to reverse the Brexit decision.

But anyone tempted to celebrate the fact that Britain will now indeed get a Johnson Brexit needs to think again. Because the post-Brexit Britain that the Johnson regime plans will be nothing at all like the country for which millions of Brexiteers voted.

They voted for a return to a British Britain, a nation in which identity, tradition and community once again had real importance; their vote was, in the deepest sense, conservative with a small c.

Unfortunately, however, the Johnson regime has precious few links with, and even less sympathy for, genuine conservatism. Johnson is a liberal. His advisors are liberal. The MPs he will promote in his forthcoming reshuffle are liberal.

The modern Conservative elite, in Britain just as in the USA, are as gripped by materialistic, anti-Christian dogma as are their left-wing mirror images. The only difference is that, instead of the cult of Marx, the think-tanks and ideologues behind Johnson, the Conservative party and the Republican elite are devout followers of the cult of Ayn Rand.

Rand’s cranky but compelling ‘Objectivism’ is materialistic, atheistic, utter selfishness which has been dressed up as virtue and intellectual rigour thanks to vast amounts of money poured into a war of ideas by corporate big business. Their purpose, not the defence of private property and hard work, but the spurious justification of monopoly and untrammelled greed.

The Johnson regime is dominated by Ayn Rand-obsessed libertarian think-tanks, with Policy Exchange at the head of the rabid pack. They are dominated by an unholy alliance of bought-and-paid for ‘academics’, self-obsessed homosexuals, corporate shills and Zionist war-mongers. Their stated mission is to snatch from the nation state the last scraps of power and control it has to defend sovereignty, the rights of normal citizens and the interests of the nation against the short-term greed of the globalist elite.

Johnson’s landslide victory has just empowered these dogmatic fanatics and elite crooks to spend the next five years using Great Britain as a testing ground for their ultra-liberal social policies and for the final replacing of God by Mammon. If you thought that the EU and the PC liberal-left had damaged Britain’s traditional identity, wait until you see what five years of privatisation looting and the state’s abdication of responsibility, coupled with ‘economically vital immigration’, do under the Johnson regime. The place is going to be unrecognisable by the time they finish – and not ia any good sort of way.

As for those extra police officers he’s promised. If you think they’ll be rounding up illegal immigrants, smashing drug-rings and clamping down on crime, you’ve got another think coming.

But if you dare to complain about a so-called Conservative government imposing LGBTQ+ brainwashing on your children; if you dare object to Johnson’s coming flood of ‘economically vital immigration’, if you protest against the blatant corporate looting of the national common wealth that’s on its way, if you dare to try to organise against the continued dispossession of the indigenous British people in their own homeland – you’ll find out exactly what those police are really for!