Orban's Dire Prophesy for the West

Orban's Dire Prophesy for the West

"If we, the Hungarians, had not followed Christianity for a thousand years, we would have disappeared, so we must also protect the nation," this is the powerful message from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a June 20th interview with Glas Koncila, a Catholic Croatian newspaper.

The prime minister slammed the political machinations of a godless West, warning that without Christian culture, there will be no free life in Europe.  He vowed to fight this with his "sword," "power" and "arguments."

And he warned: "I think the next decade will be marked by epidemics and migrations. All of this has a severe, perhaps fatal, effect on European Christian Democracy."

"The West does not want us to be free; it wants our freedom on its own terms," Orbán said, in reference to the anti-nation, anti-God stance of the European Union elites in Brussels about the nations in central Europe who oppose their diktats. "Westerners have decided to live in a post-national and post-Christian world."

"Christianity, first of all, created a free man. Therefore, we must first and foremost protect human dignity. Then, Christianity created a Christian family. We must protect the concept of the Christian family," said Orbán, adding, "Christianity has created nations in this part of the world."

The position of a God-given nationhood is connected to Orbán's well-known, controversial stand against migration. The prime minister argued the issue of migration is "an ontologically bad thing," which he defended from a Christian perspective:

"It is bad if we cannot stay and live in our country. ... Occasionally it happens that someone has to leave their homeland because that man would be killed or made a commodity ... or put in prison or starved to death. ... However, even in that case, if someone were to leave their homeland, the goal is to return later."

For the "stabilisation of dangerous parts of the world" and the "creation of normal living conditions," he insisted, "we should help him return to his homeland as soon as possible."

Orbán also blasted the lie that migration happens "spontaneously" and is "convinced" it occurs in an organized way:

"This is considered a conspiracy theory in the West, but it is all organized with political and business motives, and the consequences will be bringing large Muslim masses to the European continent. I believe that all those who do not defend themselves in 20 years will not recognize their country."