Ottawa Protesters Inspire Resistance Worldwide

Ottawa Protesters Inspire Resistance Worldwide

After decades in which Canada appeared to be the most liberal and frankly pathetic nation in the English-speaking world, a sudden and remarkable upsurge in the old fighting spirit of Canadians is putting fresh heart into freedom-lovers all over the world.

In scenes reminiscent of historic revolutions against tyranny, huge crowds of protesters have danced in streets the Resistance have made their own, as the hated dictator has fled into hiding. After two years of lecturing and bullying normal people, Justin Trudeau, 50, is currently 'self-isolating' at an undisclosed location after fleeing with his family from their home in the Canadian city as protesters convened, a four full days after the leftist politician found out he had been exposed to the virus. 

Trudeau's ignominious and cowardly flight comes after a 'Freedom Convoy' of trucks - joined by tens of thousands of demonstrators - brought Ottawa to a virtual standstill for a second day on Sunday, as they protested the prime minister's vaccine mandates, forcing the prime minister to flee the city with his family due to 'security concerns.'

The truckers say there is no 'end date' in sight and plan to stay in the capital 'for as long as it takes' and until the Canadian government flips and withdraws its policy on vaccine mandates.

The chaos clogged the capital's downtown near parliament throughout the weekend and brought criticism from officials, including Ottawa's covid lockdown-happy mayor who appeared oblivious to the irony of claiming that residents are 'prisoners in their own home.'

But the demonstrators say they intend to stay and that their aim is to 'create chaos' and a 'logistics nightmare' for Trudeau's government.

'Right now, yeah, it's really cold, but we hang in there, the days are going to get longer and we take this block party and put it into overdrive,' BJ Dichter, one of the organizers of the Freedom Convoy, said at a press conference. 'We're in this one for the long haul. We don't have a time limit.'

This is a huge and very welcome step forward from petitions and one-off protest marches. Real pressure in the real world - just like this - is the only thing which can possibly push back the liberal elite drive to exploit Covid in order to complete looting and enslaving us all. As we discuss in our ground-breaking book Deus Vult - The Great Reset Resistance, tyranny is only possible where people acquiesce to it. Civil disobedience is there at the very heart of effective resistance. We can only congratulate the Freedom Convoy protesters, urge them to step us their actions in a peaceful, but well-thought out and resolute manner. And we pray that their example will inspire others to follow suit elsewhere around the world.