Outrage! Tommy Robinson jailed…AGAIN!!!

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Outrage! Tommy Robinson jailed…AGAIN!!!

Outrage! Tommy Robinson jailed…AGAIN!!!

British patriot Tommy Robinson has been jailed again for exposing Muslim paedo rape gangs.

Today he has been sentenced to nine months in a Muslim-dominated prison, where he could face DEATH at the hands the jihadi gangs that now control most of England’s jails.

We need to stand up for Tommy -Will You Help Him?

Tommy Robinson has always stood up for YOU, now he needs you to stand up for him by SIGNING this International …JUSTICE FOR TOMMY ROBINSON PETITION …NOW!

We have very little time to get this petition in front of the representatives and leaders of the Free World to put pressure on the British Establishment to Free Tommy.

Please understand the urgency of this petition and the important role you can play by sharing it via your email contacts (this is best) and social media friends.

I urge you to spend the mere next 15 minutes and show Tommy and his family that they are not alone, Are YOU with Tommy in this HIS darkest hour? 

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