Packaged Foods – Obesity Timebomb

Packaged Foods – Obesity Timebomb

“The bread of death”. That’s the sad reality of mass produced ‘food’ in the ‘civilised’ world today. If whatever you’re eating or drinking right now came prepackaged, odds are it’s more lab product than actual food, a new study finds.

The Western diet is a primary driver of the American and West European obesity epidemic, and that diet is notoriously high in sugar, fat and processed foods.

In fact, the majority of snacks, breads, cookies, dressings and drinks that come in a package are not just processed but ultra-processed, according to new Northwestern University research.

Over 70 percent of the 200,000 pre-packaged products the scientists analyzed were mostly made in the lab or extracted from whole foods or developed in a lab – and if the current trend continues, that number will keep creeping toward 100 percent.

And 71 percent of the products  fell into the ‘ultra-processed’ category, meaning that they consisted entirely or almost entirely of extracts and substances derived from food and concocted in the lab using gussied up fats and starches.

They contain next to no actual food, and are often mostly empty calories with little nutritional value.

You have to cease eating these “foods” that come in boxes or plastic bags. They are not foods. Your body has no idea what to do with chunks of chemicals you are shoving into it.

This causes more problems than obesity. It causes all systems in your entire body to stop functioning in the way they are supposed to function. That includes your brain processes. You will notice that fat people are often also stupid. That is partially because they were stupid to begin with, which is why they got fat. It is also partially because the fat itself stores in their brains and makes their thinking slower. But it is also because their brain doesn’t get enough nutrients to properly build the necessary cells for brain processing.

There is no reason to be fat. There is no excuse for being fat. You simply need to not be fat by controlling what you put in your body.

And most of the things that you think are so bad are not actually as bad as you think. Eating a nice burger or pizza – if it is made of high-quality ingredients – is not that big of a deal, compared to eating sugary or salty packaged snacks, or some kind of disgusting noodles or fake bread.

The focus of your daily nutritional regiment needs to be on food that you can see is actually food. And which is still pretty close to the state it was in when it was alive. This includes meats, fishes, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and other things that you can obviously see are foods.

Eating should be something you do to help you sustain a healthy body and a healthy mind, NOT to make extra profits for some greedy capitalist corporation.

To do otherwise isn’t just a form of slow (and often ultimately very unpleasant and painful) suicide, It is also an insult to God and His creation. If you’re part of the statistics, part of the problem, it’s time to sort it out and take real and lasting steps to put it right!