Pakistani Christian man reportedly killed by 'mob of radical Muslims'

Pakistani Christian man reportedly killed by 'mob of radical Muslims'

A man in the city of Lahore in Pakistan has died after being attacked by a 'mob of radical Muslims', according to International Christian Concern (ICC).

Identified as Pervez Masih by The Christian Post, the victim was a game shop owner who was stabbed to death during an argument over the construction of a wall in the neighbourhood. 

It's understood the victim's brother had been injured after both the Muslim and Christian communities clashed over the same issue the day before. 

According to ICC, Masih's uncle contacted the police after at least 200 people gathered in a street near their house yelling and cursing. 

However, officers failed to attend immediately as they said they needed to focus their attention on providing security during the Pakistan Super League cricket matches.

Local human rights activist Samson Salamat told The Christian Post the attack sends a message that Christians in Pakistan "are nothing."

"They can kill us any time, even in the presence of police," he said.

ICC said: "The recent attacks on Christian youth and pastors are instances of violent persecution against the minorities in Pakistan.

"The situation continues to get worse for Christians living in the country. 

"In recent years, there has been a surge in attacks on minorities and their places of worship. 

"The country has been criticized by the international community for not safeguarding the interests of minority religions."

Pakistan currently ranks eighth in Open Doors' of countries where Christians face the most persecution.