Parents Resist Gender Poison In California

Parents Resist Gender Poison In California

They just don’t understand what the liberal elite demand of their children! Northern California parents are furious after a seventh and eight grade science teacher introduced the topic of gender identity and sexuality to students in an effort to explain his preferred honorific – and no doubt in the hope of perverting some of his young charges into the bargain!

Luis Davila Alvarado, who teaches at Denair Middle School in California’s San Joaquin Valley, used a ‘Gender Unicorn’ graphic from Trans Student Education Resources on Wednesday to explain the choice of ‘Mx.’ over ‘Mr.’  before being stopped by the principal.

‘Mx.’ is a gender-neutral honorific typically used by individuals who do not identify as a specific gender, or for people who simply don’t want to be referred to by gender.

‘A handful of parents’ felt the discussion was inappropriate for the age group, which typically includes 12- to 14-year-olds, and that science class was also not the proper place for the lesson, the Modesto Bee reported. Either that’s a lie, or the other parents are wither to scared or too dumbed down to stand up for the innocence of their children.

Sonia Rush, a stepparent of one student who received the handout, wrote on Facebook:

‘The teacher said that because he was transgender and the kids had lots of questions, he thought this would be beneficial to them. Which is the most bulls— excuse I’ve ever heard.’

We reckon Sonia will be barred from Facebook for ‘hate speech’ pretty soon, because parents just aren’t allowed to resist the Gender Unicorn when it decides to rub its horn thing on their children.