Peaceful Protest = Domestic Terrorism says DOJ

Peaceful Protest = Domestic Terrorism says DOJ

The Department of Justice has released an official memo ordering the FBI to “address the rise in criminal conduct directed toward school personnel.”

This is in direct response to an appeal by the leftists of the National School Boards Association to the FBI and President Biden after angry parents had complained about the teaching of anti-white 'critical race theory' in schools. The NSBA is demanding that such parents be classified as 'domestic terrorists'.

So what sounds like a routine and sensible piece of law enforcement is in fact another brick in the prison wall being built around all decent Americans. If parents are to be treated as 'terrorists' for objecting to hysterical anti-white racism and the distortion of history, then those who speak out to urge school boards to reject 'gender theory' and homosexual pedophile propaganda in school libraries will be the next on the list.

From there is is just one more short step to where anyone reading a Bible verse condemning sodomy, or speaking out against forced covid vaccines is committing a 'hate crime' and is either inciting or committing domestic terrorism.

If you ever wondered how terror and mass murder were unleashed by the far-left in France in 1789, or of Russia in 1917, then you are about to find out. Because the very same mentality is set to bring the very same evil and brutality back with a bang!

Lord, have mercy!