Penal Times Mass Ban Returns to Ireland

Penal Times Mass Ban Returns to Ireland

The Irish government has confirmed that it is an offence punishable by law for a priest to celebrate public Mass.

It is also an offence for a priest to leave his home to celebrate a public Mass other than a funeral or wedding and a similar crime for a parishioner to leave their home to attend Mass.

Such a 'law' has not been imposed in Ireland since the worst days of the persecution of Catholics (and Presbyterians) under the old Anglican Ascendancy.

Back in those days, the appalling war on faith and freedom was waged by a foreign occupation government. Today it is a supposedly Irish regime that has banned our brothers and sisters in the Republic of Ireland from going to Church for over six months.

The socialist government of the homosexual, Hindu-heritage President also refused point blank to lift the ban on worship so Christians could at least celebrate Christmas.

This is now the second Easter in a row when Christians have been forbidden to enter church.

Ireland is one of the only countries in Europe to ban public worship. Yet,there is absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest that attending Mass leads to an increased risk of transmission of the virus. Even if there was, the danger that the virus poses to reasonably healthy people is so vanishingly small that it is one which most Christians would gladly take. This is certainly not a decision that can be taken for them by the State - except by demonstrating that the State has exploited the real tragedies of the virus to grab WAY too much power!
In the bad old Penal Times, the banned priests risked their freedom and even lives by holding 'illegal' services out in the open or in barns or private homes. The saddest thing about the present disgraceful situation is that the liberal clerical authorities have simply surrendered to the socialist government's outrageous ban.
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