Pentagon requests $114m for diversity roles

Pentagon requests $114m for diversity roles

Pentagon chiefs have proposed a $114million budget for woke policies including diversity training and racial justice education.

Leaders will be required to defend their budget proposal after lawmakers hit back at the Army’s recruiting campaigns which highlight diversity in the force and a 2021 Pentagon directive for leaders to discuss extremism in the ranks.

The Pentagon has argued that the services’ recruiting troubles are primarily due to the "strong civilian job market" and widening societal divides.

It added that diversity and extremism training takes up a tiny amount of troops’ time.

On Thursday joint Chief Chair Gen Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin testified before the House Defense Appropriations panel to make the case for the administration’s Pentagon budget.

In 2021, Milley become embroiled in a fiery debate as he defended open-mindedness in the ranks during a House Armed Services hearing.

"The Army’s mission remains to fight and win the nation’s wars. At the end of the day, to accomplish our mission we must build cohesive teams founded on respect and acceptance,” the talking points state.

"Nothing in the Army’s personnel policies … are implemented to detract from that mission. Data does not support such claims."

It adds: "Our recruiting challenges are not new and are not a result of a ‘woke’ agenda."