Perverts Scouting for Little Boys

Perverts Scouting for Little Boys

The Scout Association faces a horrified backlash last after the Woke clique which has seized control of the once fine organisation introduced a ‘trans fun badge’ for members as young as four. Parents across the country are withdrawing their children from the deeply sick body in belated but welcome protest against its lurch into promoting perversion.

Impressionable youngsters are being encouraged to buy a ‘bisexual fun badge’, a ‘lesbian fun badge’ and a ‘Pride fun badge’.

The woven designs feature rainbow or striped patterns behind the traditional fleur-de-lis symbol which was introduced by scouting’s war hero founder Robert Baden-Powell in 1907.

In promotional material for the Scout Shop online, the grooming gang running the Scout Association urges members to ‘celebrate inclusion... with our Pride collection’. As well as the trans, bisexual and lesbian designs, members can buy a variety of items, such as clothing and accessories, ‘to support the LGBT+ community’.

The badges are £1.50, a Scout Pride pair of socks in rainbow colours is £6, a traditional Scout scarf in Pride rainbow colours is £10 while a hoodie is £24.

Scouts are urged to buy the trans fun badge: ‘Make a bold statement with this vibrant Scout Pride trans woven badge. It is perfect for adding to a blanket, poncho, clothing or a bag to show your support for Scout Pride and the LGBT+ community.

‘Scouting is open to all and welcomes young people and adults, regardless of their sexuality or gender identity. It’s important that in Scouts everyone feels welcomed, included and valued for who they are.’

The Scout Association has long expanded beyond boys-only clubs.

Cubs are for girls and boys aged eight to ten and scouts for those up to 14. Its new youth section Squirrels, which is being funded by the Government in disadvantaged areas, also welcomes girls as well as boys aged from just four to six.

Baden-Powell’s 1908 book Scouting for Boys, which launched the movement, stated: ‘Manliness can only be taught by men, and not by those who are half-men, half old women.’