Pfizer/FDA Covered Up Covid Jab Miscarriages

Pfizer/FDA Covered Up Covid Jab Miscarriages

44 percent of pregnant women participating in the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” trial suffered miscarriages. Pfizer and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knew this, but their response was to cover it up and try to hide it from the general public for 75 years.

Shockingly, as the FDA releases Pfizer trial data each month per court order, a Pfizer adverse events report transferred on July 1, 2022, reveals that after the women lost their babies, the billion-dollar big pharma giant reported that the heartbreaking miscarriages were unrelated to the trial. The volunteer team at Daily Clout discovered the intentional deceit by scouring through the thousands upon thousands of Pfizer trial documents released each month that form the rationale behind the FDA’s emergency use authorization (EUA) and subsequent August 23, 2021, “approval” of Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” product.

According to an article in Daily Clout, the women listed in Listing of Subjects Reporting Pregnancy After Dose 1 each received between one and four of Pfizer’s mRNA injections. Forty-two received the trial drug right away, and eight received the placebo and were then unblinded and given the vaccine. Thus, by March 31, 2021, all of the pregnant women in the trial—there were 50 of them—had received Pfizer’s BNT162b2 version of its experimental “vaccine.” Summarizing Pfizer’s deceptive efforts after the miscarriages, the article explained:

“Pfizer notes the miscarriages as serious adverse events (SAEs) with ‘moderate’ (2) or ‘severe’ (3) toxicity ratings. However, all the miscarriages were reported as being unrelated to the trial vaccine—i.e., having ‘Other’ causes—and marked as ‘Recovered/resolved’ adverse effects. To reiterate, not only does Pfizer deny any vaccine-related causality and assert the losses of life had other causes, but it also categorizes losing a baby as a ‘resolved adverse effect’—like a headache that went away.”

Screenshot / Pfizer Data / Listing of Subjects Reporting Pregnancy After Dose 1

With access to this startling data by April 1, 2022, the article points out that the FDA was aware that a “significant percentage of pregnancies ended in ‘Abortion Spontaneous.'” Yet, despite this, the agency “failed in its duty to study the data and investigate what basis Pfizer had for marking the fetal deaths as unrelated to the vaccine and having ‘Other’ causes.” Moreover, the FDA failed to inform the public of this life-changing, serious adverse event. Most importantly, Daily Clout’s Berberine wrote, “without that information, women were not able to give informed consent for receiving Pfizer’s mRNA COVID vaccine.” 

VIDEO: Naomi Wolf On Twitter Account Ban After Citing Pfizer’s Documentation On Harmful Effects On Babies

Dr. Naomi Wolf points out that the adverse events cut-off date was March 13, 2021, and the FDA received the report from Pfizer on April 1, 2021. Thus the agency was well aware of the fetal deaths before it fully “approved” the Pfizer mRNA product. Wolf explained that 50 women became pregnant while participating in the clinical trial, as noted in the screenshot above. However, it is only after much digging through the rest of the 3,645-page adverse events document does one learn that 22 of the 50 women suffered “Abortion Spontaneous,” “Abortion Spontaneous Complete,” “Abortion Spontaneous Incomplete,” or “Miscarriage.” [pp. 219, 561, 708, 1071, 1146, 1179, 1349, 1749, 1758, 1806, 1809, 3519, 3526, 3560, 3536, 3537, 3538, 3536, 3547, and 3551.] Wolf and others pose important questions the public should be asking:

  • How did Pfizer determine their experimental vaccine product did not cause the miscarriages?
  • What ‘Other’ causes did Pfizer identify, and how did it identify them?
  • Did the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) simply accept the miscarriages as unrelated to the product, or did they demand information on those ‘Other’ causes?
  • And, crucially, what happened to the pregnancies which were ongoing at the report cut-off date of March 13, 2021? Were healthy babies born? Were damaged babies born? Were there more miscarriages?


Disseminating the unbelievable reality of what is happening on a global scale, Wolf—whose Twitter account was banned for sharing this horrific information—explained that if you extrapolate to all the pregnant women who have received a COVID jab, it could explain the baby die-off that is occurring. Wolf noted a 200% rise in neonatal deaths or spontaneous abortions and miscarriages in Scotland and a 34% rise in Israel. Likewise, 86 babies died in Ontario when they usually have five or six per quarter. Through tears, speaking in Bannons War Room, Wolf added:

I know we’re not supposed to cry in War Room, but over a year ago, the FDA received this report that out of 50 pregnant women, 22 of them lost their babies. And they did not say anything. Thus, the FDA was aware of the horrifying rate of fetal death by the start of April 2021 and was silent. And Pfizer was silent.

They kept up their drumbeat of “inject the pregnant women, inject the pregnant women… it doesn’t hurt your baby, it doesn’t hurt your baby.” And now, predictably, as you and I have discussed in my substack, drawing on other Pfizer reports called “Sorry to Announce a Genocide,” there is the scaled-up evidence of this horrific cover-up, this Mengele-type cover-up.