Pilgrims of the Sword PODCAST Review!

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Pilgrims of the Sword PODCAST Review!

Broadcast today! One of England's most prolific and well-informed podcasters, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, devotes a whole show to the Knights Templar history book, Pilgrims of the Sword.

Andy is joined by Nick Griffin for the show entitled, “Pilgrims Of The Sword Vol. 1 – The Official History Of The Knights Templar Order.”

The pair discuss: how and when the Knights Templar Order was formed; how the Freemasons tried to hijack the Knights Templar Order; why the Knights Templar Order will not allow Freemasons to become members; the historic Christianity of Europe; the politically correct version of the Crusades and why this is a distortion of history; a little known fact about the English Civil War, the real story of King Edward I; examples of good and bad Knights Templar Grand Masters; who the Knights Templar are today and what they are involved in; and many other topics.

Here's the link to this fascinating show:


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