Irony: Planned Parenthood supports Biden mask mandate to ‘save lives’

Irony: Planned Parenthood supports Biden mask mandate to ‘save lives’

Planned Parenthood, which aborts over 300,000 children in the U.S. every year, has backed President Joe Biden’s plan to mandate mask wearing for the next 100 days, claiming that “we can save” 50,000 lives by doing so.

The abortion organization’s tweet comes after Biden made a speech from the White House in which he claimed that by “wearing a mask from now until April … we can save 50,000 lives.” The president also claimed that his new COVID-19 response plan is “based on science not politics.”

Biden’s own Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) listed Planned Parenthood as one of the beneficiaries of donations made for the flags which took the place of spectators on the National Mall during his inauguration.

The company was directly responsible for a total of 345,672 baby deaths in from 2018 to 2019, up 13,000 from the previous year.

Just hours after signing an executive order mandating the wearing of masks on any federal land, Biden and his family went to the Lincoln Memorial with their faces exposed. His press secretary defended the president’s decision to break his own rules, saying Biden was “celebrating an evening of a historic day in our country” and that there are “bigger issues to worry about.”