Plastic Poisoning – Far Worse Than They Admit

Plastic Poisoning – Far Worse Than They Admit

Look what they’ve been covering up! Humans are exposed to far more hormone-disrupting chemicals than previously thought, according to a new study.

Patricia Hunt, the researcher at Washington State University who first discovered that BPA, a dangerous toxin in plastics, can cause cancer and other diseases and disorders, has now developed a more accurate method of measuring it.

In her new study, Dr Hunt reveals the new tool shows the 'safe' limit of BPA stipulated by the US Food and Drug Administration is flawed. In fact, it is 44 times higher than what Dr Hunt considers safe. 

The big picture problem here is threefold: First, most medical research is funded by big corporations that have a vested interest in playing down the dangers posed by the products that make their profits.

Second, money talks in politics as well. Third – the globalist elite are hell-bent on culling the ‘human herd’, so products that depress fertility and reduce our numbers are in line with this evil agenda.