Plea For Britain To Remain Flops!

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Plea For Britain To Remain Flops!

They really don’t care about Britain! More than 600 of the European Union’s 751 Members of Parliament refused to sign a joint letter urging Britons to reconsider their decision to leave the bloc.


The cross-party message was organised by an Austrian MEP, whose taxpayer-funded office assistants then spent a month trying to get other MEPs to sign the letter, which was in the special office set aside near the parliament chamber for such initiatives.

But despite all the official encouragement for MEPs to sign the letter, a staggering 622 refused to do so.

The letter says that the continent is “looking with growing anxiety” across the Channel to events occurring in Britain.

 The representatives – who come from across the conservative, liberal, socialist and far-left green groups – add that though they respect and regret the decision of the UK to leave, “any British decision to remain in the EU would be warmly welcomed by us and we would work with you to reform and improve the European Union, so that it works better in the interests of all citizens”.
“We have greatly appreciated the enormous impact British politicians and citizens have contributed to the European project over the last 40 years. We would miss the extraordinary expertise of our British colleagues,” the MEPs say, adding that they would support the withdrawal of Article 50.
Pro-Remain newspapers are today reporting the letter as a ‘heartfelt plea’ from MEPs for Britain to stay in, but of course the actual figures tell a very different story.
Even assuming that British MEPs felt it inappropriate to sign, it still means that, while 130 MEPs supported the appeal to Britain, 550 more either simply don’t care, or are happy to see the Brits leave!
Unfortunately, of course, there is now now chance of that happening in any meaningful way. The out-of-touch and undemocratic Remain majority in the Westminster Parliament are clearly hell-bent on sabotaging the entire process.
Even Theresa May’s alleged ‘deal’ is in fact a Remain-in-all-but-name con-job, which means that Britain will remain under EU control, will keep paying billions to Brussels every year, but will not even have any MEPs in the rubber-stamp Parliament. No wonder the Europhiles don’t care whether Britain technically ‘leaves’ or not!


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