Poisoning Babies for Profit

Poisoning Babies for Profit

Planned Parenthood, America’s largest provider of abortions is pushing pill abortions to increase profit margins, according to research compiled by the American Life League’s STOPP International.

STOPP, an initiative dedicated to educating people about Planned Parenthood, has documented the abortion vendor’s increased focus on do-it-yourself abortion, a move that will increase profits for the “non-profit” (but extremely wealthy) abortion business.

While all of Planned Parenthood’s 176 surgical abortion facilities offer baby-murder by pill as well as actual surgical butchery, an additional 215 facilities offer only pill abortion. This brings its total of locations offering the DIY abortion pill to 391.

According to plannedparenthood.org, the vendor’s average charge for a pill abortion is $580, “though it can cost up to around $800.” In truth, the combined abortifacient cocktail of mifepristone and misoprostol retails for just over $30 retail at some pharmacies. While procedures seem to vary between locations, Planned Parenthood prescribes the pills via video calls, with no physical exam. The baby’s gestational age is determined by asking the mother the date of her last period. Planned Parenthood employees may then instruct the woman to pick up the abortion pills at one of the organisation’s facilities or guide her in making arrangements to receive the pills by mail.

Of course Planned Parenthood is eager to increase its volume of low overhead, yet lucrative, DIY abortions over surgical abortions that require comparatively expensive equipment, space, and personnel. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood stands to incur less liability by directing women to self-administer the abortion pills.”