Police Bias & EU Wreck Irish Peace

Police Bias & EU Wreck Irish Peace

Growing violence in Northern Ireland is hardly even making the news in mainland Britain, but spiralling community tensions now pose a real threat of a return to terrorist war - and the police and politicians are the ones to blame.

The Easter disturbances have erupted loyalist frustrations over a Public Prosecution Service decision not to prosecute people who attended the large-scale funeral of republican Bobby Storey in June 2020. The decision has highlighted the relentless anti-loyalist bias of the authorities, because individual loyalists have been arrested and prosecuted for far less drastic breaches of lockdown regulations.

The leaders of the Democratic Unionist Party, Ulster Unionist Party, Traditional Unionist Voice and Progressive Unionist Party have said the position of Chief Constable Simon Byrne is untenable over the PSNI's handling of the funeral.

There is also widespread anger over the Johnson regime's repeated surrender to Brussels pressure to treat Northern Ireland differently to the rest of the UK and establish a virtual border in the Irish Sea.

This was the violence which broke out last night, before crowds of hundreds clashed in sectarian rioting in West Belfast: