Polish guards thwart two mass attempts by rock-throwing migrants to cross border

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Polish guards thwart two mass attempts by rock-throwing migrants to cross border

Polish border guards thwarted two 'mass attempts' to cross the border Tuesday night by rock-throwing migrants who tried to storm across a railway track from Belarus.

Video showed guards having laser pointed shone in their eyes and being pelted with stones by a group of around 50 migrants who tried to cross the border at Czeremcha overnight, 70 miles south of where the main camp is located.

Dozens of smaller attempts were also made, with the Polish border service saying a total of 161 crossings were stopped with 34 migrants forcibly deported.

The situation remained tense early Wednesday with thousands of migrants still camped close to the border at Kuznica - where violent clashes erupted Tuesday - even as others were march off to an unknown location. 

It is thought they are being taken to temporary accommodation in warehouses nearby. Thousands more migrants were taken to similar shelters overnight. 

Meanwhile Mariusz Blaszczak, the country's defence minister, warned the crisis is likely to continue for months and that Poland must remain vigilant. 'I hope it will not be years,' he added.

Mr Blaszczak added that plans for a permanent border wall to replace the current barbed wire barricades are also being drawn up.

'We are doing everything we can to keep the border safe,' he added.


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