Pope Gives Nod to Dutch Gay Marriage

Pope Gives Nod to Dutch Gay Marriage

A shocking development in the Belgian Catholic church has exposed the Pope's tacit support for heretical 'gay marriage' ceremonies.

On September 20, 2022, the Belgian-Flemish bishops’ released their “liturgy” for celebrating homosexual union ceremonies—a parody of real marriage. Blessing a homosexual “couple” in a marriage parody implicitly denies that the homosexual act is a sin. That contradicts Revelation and perennial Church teaching. In other words, it is a heresy. Fr. Dariusz Oko, Ph.D., professor of Theology at the Pontifical Academy of Theology (Pontifical John Paul II University) in Krakow, called it “homo-heresy.”

Pope Francis’s stance on the issue was revealed in an October 13 article by Loup Besmond de Senneville in La Croix: “‘Blessing’ of homosexual couples: The Flemish Bishops Had Prepared the Ground in Rome.”

This Catholic French newspaper’s Rome correspondent wrote that work on the Flemish bishops’ September 20 liturgy started four years earlier and that “Pope Francis had been warned. After the September 20 publication of the prayer for homosexual couples by the Flemish bishops, the Vatican decided not to react.

La Croix’s vaticanologist adds: “The Flemish bishops, who are due to travel to Rome at the end of November with the rest of the Belgian episcopate, have been preparing the ground with the Curia for several months.”

The insinuation is that Pope Francis knew about the Belgian bishops’ sacrilegious parody of the sacrament of marriage and that the ritual was prepared in collaboration with the Vatican.

In an interview for the German magazine Katolisch, reproduced by InfoCatólica on September 30, Most Rev. Johan Bonny, bishop of Antwerp and a leading proponent of the “liturgical” ceremony to bless homosexual “couples,” made clear that Pope Francis supports or at least tolerates the sacrilegious liturgy.

He was asked, “You have campaigned since 2015 for the blessing of homosexual couples. What has been the reaction to that? After all, you’re still a bishop. . . ”

He answered, “Yes, I’m still a bishop. They called me to Rome, and I told them what my opinion was. I also spoke personally with Pope Francis about it.”

Thus, knowing Bishop Bonny’s standpoint on the issue, Pope Francis nevertheless retained him in his position as ordinary of the diocese of Antwerp, despite his opposition of Church teaching on homosexual sin. Pope Francis’s support did not stop there.

Continuing the interview, the Flemish prelate makes the pope’s involvement in this whole “same-sex marriage liturgy” affair even more explicit: “Now I know what [Pope Francis] thinks about it. That’s the most important thing for me. And I know that our guidelines for the blessing of homosexual couples, which we recently published, are in line with Pope Francis. That’s important to me because communion with the pope is sacred to me. It’s the personal responsibility the pope has given us bishops and which he also supports.”

A heretical, scheming, homo-Pope in the Vatican. This cannot end well,for God will not be mocked.