Prepare to Get a Whole Lot Poorer VIDEO

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Prepare to Get a Whole Lot Poorer VIDEO

The sanctions war on Russia is in fact another front in Joe Biden's ongoing war on America's middle class! That's the striking take by Tucker Carlson - pretty much the only sane voice left on mainstream TV in the USA (and the UK too, for that matter!)

Tucker explains how we are all about "to get a whole lot poorer" as a result of the sanctions regime. The World Economic Forum are now also pushing for ever-tougher sanctions, stating quite openly that the 'crisis' - created largely by politicians groomed and trained by the WEF's Young Global Leaders programme - is an 'opportunity' to wean the West off the use of oil and gas.

The claimed idea is to decarbonise the economy and reduce dependence on Russia for energy, but the actual result will be breakdowns in energy supply and sky-rocketing prices.

As Tucker points out, sanctions against the purchase of Russian oil by Europe and the USA will not hurt Russia, because Russia will simply switch to selling oil and gas to Asian countries, particularly China and India. Instead, he points out, soaring prices will hit our own middle classes - the exact same sector hit worst by two years of lockdowns. Which, of course, is absolutely not an accident!

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