President Trump Delivers Election Pledge Christmas Present To America!

President Trump Delivers Election Pledge Christmas Present To America!

Just when we’re all in despair over his failure to act to end the liberal persecution of patriots by the liberal social media giants, Donald Trump gives American voters and his supporters worldwide a fantastic early Christmas present. The President just announced that – with Islamic State defeated – all American troops in Syria are to be brought home immediately!


‘We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency,’ the president wrote on Twitter. He has ordered a “full and rapid withdrawal”.

The announcement was immediately criticised by the Republican elite, for whom the money and media clout of the Zionist lobby are far more important than things such as solemn campaign promises to millions of ordinary Americans.

The White House launched a defense of the policy on a conference call on Wednesday afternoon with reporters in which a senior administration official claimed that no one should be ‘surprised’ by the announcement, because Trump has been saying he wants to get out of Syria since he was a candidate.

The same official could not offer a timeline for the troops are actually leaving, saying it was was still “under design” by the Pentagon. There, of course, is the danger, because the military-industrial complex LOVES war and the threat of war. After all, there’s no business like it on earth! So the whole of the Beltway, the entire corporate Fake New media, and every two-bit warmonger in the world will now be doing everything possible to frustrate Donald Trump’s brave move to keep one of his most popular, and important, election pledges.

Stand firm, Mr President. Stand firm! And bring the boys and girls safe home!