Priest Slams 'Demonic Insanity' VIDEO

Priest Slams 'Demonic Insanity' VIDEO

A brave Maryland Catholic priest has denounced the “demonic insanity” sweeping American culture, politics, and public life in the form of the Left’s “all-out assault” against the unborn, the push for transgender mutilations of the young, and the sexualisation of children through drag shows and pornography.

“A blanket of demonic insanity has fallen upon the earth,” Fr. Ed Meeks declared in a recent Lenten homily, drawing parallels between Satan’s temptation of Eve in the garden of Eden, his tempting of Christ in the desert, and the demonic attacks on the sanctity of life and the innocence of the young that are increasingly pushed in society.

This “demonic insanity,” Meeks said, “is manifested in such things as the all-out assault that has been mounted against the unborn and against those of us who stand in defense of them and in support of their mothers. State legislatures all over this nation are rushing to try to push through laws that will liberalize their existing abortion laws, making abortion legal right up to and beyond the moment of birth and codifying abortion as a fundamental right in their state constitutions. That’s happening in the Maryland legislature as we speak.”

“This assault is being carried out by the pro-abortion forces in our culture, which include an entire political party and presidential administration,” the priest continued.

Decrying the mutilation and sexualization being pushed on innocent children especially through the public schools, Meeks declared, “It’s also manifested in the surgical mutilation and infliction of puberty-blocking drugs on pre-pubescent children in the name of transgender ideology. It is manifested in drag queen shows in public libraries targeting audiences of elementary school children. It is manifested in pornographic books in public school libraries targeting those same children.”

“It is manifested in prime-time TV shows depicting and celebrating Satan worship. A blanket of demonic insanity has fallen upon the world.”

Meeks’ condemnation of abortion, transgender ideology, drag shows, and pornography — items pushed increasingly by the political Left — came as the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings this week on the so-called Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which the U.S bishops have denounced because it would likely require federal funding of abortion and be used to impose pro-LGBT policies throughout the country.