Pro-Life Hero Deserves YOUR Help! [Video]

Pro-Life Hero Deserves YOUR Help! [Video]

David Daleiden, the pro-life citizen journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s vile trade in baby parts is to be forced to stand trial before another San Francisco jury on the nine remaining felony charges.

This young man had the courage to lead an undercover investigation that captured video evidence of the abortion goliath conspiring to illegally harvest and sell aborted baby body parts. It’s absolutely outrageous that David is the one facing criminal charges and hard time in a state penitentiary – rather than Planned Parenthood’s executives,

You couldn't be there when David entered the dark underbelly of the abortion industry – sitting across the table from abortionists haggling over the price of baby body parts with cold-blooded clarity… The chilling words of one Planned Parenthood executive – "I want a Lamborghini." – are difficult to forget.

You couldn't be there as David saw with his own eyes the preborn children who had been killed with great precision to preserve their organs for maximum profit.

You couldn't be there when the videos were released and Planned Parenthood and their allies conspired to crush David with trumped up legal charges and an armed raid on his home in which they seized laptops, hard-drives, and recording equipment.

And you couldn't be there with David when he appeared in both Texas and California for booking and processing – fingerprinted and photographed for mug-shots like a common criminal. (But our criminal defense team was there!)

But you can be there to help David’s heroism pay off! Write letters to your local paper about this outrage. Tell people about it. And donate to his Defense Fund at