Pro-Life Texas Shows the Way

Pro-Life Texas Shows the Way

With the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022, the number of abortions in the huge state of Texas crashed to just 34 in the whole of last year. But that doesn't mean that women with problems about being pregnant are left alone in the Lone Star State.

On the contrary, a new report details that over 100,000 women were served by life-affirming pregnancy centres in Texas in just the first six months after the near-total abortion ban came into effect.

“During the fiscal year 2022, the A2A program contracted with four entities: Austin LifeCare (ALC), Human Coalition (HC), Longview Wellness Center (LWC) [and] Texas Pregnancy Care Network (TPCN),” the report states.

The A2A services provided at various locations through the four pro-life organisations include “education, care coordination, material goods, housing, and support through maternity homes.” The services are “available to pregnant women, their families, and adoptive parents.”

In 2022, “the four contractors provided services at a total of 179 physical locations, two virtual clinics and 10 mobile units.” The A2A program effectively “served a total of 113,125 unduplicated clients who received 2,230,713 services and 178,240 referrals to government assistance and social service programs.”

As detailed in the report, the A2A programme “is designed to reduce abortions and improve pregnancy outcomes by helping women practice sound health-related behaviors and improve prenatal nutrition; improve child health and development by helping parents provide responsible and competent care for their children; and improve families’ economic self-sufficiency by helping parents continue their education and secure employment.”

A total of 97,626 women and 15,499 men benefited from the A2A services in 2022. The most frequently served group were those between ages 23 and 29 (38,687 women, 5,592 men), followed by those ages 30 to 39 (26,707 women, 5,041 men) and 18 to 22 (25,387 women, 3,089 men). The services were given to kids under 15 to adults over 60.

“Funding for A2A continues to meet the needs of clients and further the goals of A2A by reducing abortions, improving pregnancy outcomes, improving child health and development and improving families’ economic self-sufficiency.”