Pro-Life Victory In Africa

Pro-Life Victory In Africa

Pro-lifers have won a major victory over the United Nations globalists in Africa. The fake conference on abortion dubbed Nairobi Summit on ICPD 25 ended on 14th of November without consensus as many people distanced themselves from its anti-human agenda.

The over 10,000 abortionists seated at the Kenyatta International Convention Center denied entry to pro-life organisations but the Christian protesters participated from the fence and made an impact.

A pro-life petition signed by over 100,000 people was delivered to the president of Kenya asking him not to support the UN agenda.  This clearly helped to influence his attitude at the conference., where he said that the abortionist position of the globalists was against African values and the law of Kenya.

Many other people also distanced themselves from the controversial conference.

The Holy See, Kenyan Parliament, the United States and 19 other governments , the church in Kenya and remarkably the comments by the president that conference organizers should not dictate the acceptance of homosexuality and other foreign values.