Pro-Lifers Banned From Using Baby Photos

Pro-Lifers Banned From Using Baby Photos

Scans and photos of unborn babies are such a powerful argument against abortion that the baby-murdering industry is desperate to suppress their use by pro-life campaigners.

Science Photo Library, a website that features scientific and medical images and videos, stipulates that an image of a 10-week-old unborn baby is not to be used by pro-lifers in its description.

The London-based photo website features a picture of what it calls a “Human foetus in amniotic sac at ten weeks” but stipulates that it is “not for use by pro-life (or similar) organisations.”

A spokesperson for the website told pro-lif3e journalists that the individual photographers make decisions about who to restrict from using certain photos. Lennart Nilsson, the photographer of the 10-week-old fetus, who died in 2017, was reportedly “shocked” when he learned that his famous pictures of unborn babies were used by pro-life activists to prove the humanity and individual personhood of a 'foetus'.

“It is rare but not unusual to find images in our collection with restrictions: for example the tobacco and arms industries are two that come to mind.