Spanish LGBTQ+ carnival sexualising children

Spanish LGBTQ+ carnival sexualising children

A carnival in the Spanish city of Torrevieja has been seen to be promoting pedophilia and sexualising children as a group of young girls were dressed up like “prostitutes” while carrying LGBT rainbow flags.

Footage that has emerged from an LGBT-themed performance “Grand Carnival Parade” from last Monday in the city of Torrevieja in southern Spain has sparked heavy criticism throughout the country and internationally over the Osadía dancing troupe dressing young girls in high heels, stockings, nipple covers and rainbow flags.

According to the El Español newspaper, social media comments from Spanish users criticised the performance over the “sexualisation” of children, while others raised questions such as: “What pedophile set this up?” and “Do those girls have no parents?”. Meanwhile, the Catholic news outlet InfoVaticana characterised the scantily clad outfits worn by the young girls as being similar to those worn by “prostitutes”.

On Tuesday, the Spanish Christian Lawyers Foundation announced that they are preparing to take legal action against the parade.

Poland Castellanos, the president of the Spanish Christian Lawyers Foundation, said: “It is reprehensible and falls into the category of corruption of minors. We hope that justice will act so that the innocence of children is not lost or used in this way.”