Propaganda Pic Demolishes the Propaganda!

Propaganda Pic Demolishes the Propaganda!

The Western MSM coverage of the Russian operation in Ukraine has spent the last two weeks at least telling us that the countries cities are being relentlessly shelled and pummelled with missiles. We are told both that the Russians are "shelling indiscriminately" and that they are "deliberately targeting civilians". The fact that these two claims are mutually exclusive doesn't seem to bother the Lying Press - presumably, after two years of selling the majority of the public the monstrous lie of a deadly Covid pandemic, their contempt for the sheeple and the human cattle is now complete.

But even allowing for such arrogance, a story and the accompanying photos in today's Daily Mail take things to a new level of absurdity. The headline screams:

An empty pram for each of Putin's 109 child victims: Stark images are taken on streets of Ukraine as Russia’s barbaric assault on the country – and its innocent people – continues

The pictures beneath it show 109 prams set out in a completely undamaged main square in Livov. The publicity stunt, and the figure of 109 victims, represents the official 'count' of the Ukrainian authorities. Now, the death of 109 babies would indeed be a terrible thing - though not as terrible as the death of 500,000 babies and children in Iraq as a result of Western sanctions against that country, or the unknown but vast number of babies and children who have died, and continue to die, from cancers caused by the depleted uranium anti-tank shells fired by NATO forces during the illegal war on Iraq launched by Bush and Blair on the basis of atrocity propaganda and other lies amplified by the mass media.

But if the figure of 109 little victims is right (and it will certainly not be under-counting) then, tragic though it is, the death toll in itself demolishes the story that the Russians are targeting civilian areas in a ruthless and deadly assault designed to kill as many innocent Ukrainians as possible. Russian dominance of the skies, and the firepower of Russian hypersonic missiles, Grad multiple rocket launchers and artillery batteries is such that -if they wanted to inflict civilian casualties - Vladimir Putin's forces would by now have killed hundreds of thousands of people. The number of infant victims would therefore automatically run into many thousands.

In Reuters and in the English-language version of the pro-Ukrainian French online news site RTL, it was confrimed that the figure of 109 is actually for all CHILDREN, not only babies. This makes the figure even lower - especially since it would include the brainwashed 16-year-olds now armed with AK-47s and going out to take pot-shots at, and get killed by, Russian soldiers.

Yet the most the Ukrainian authorities claim is 109 child victims. Let us be clear: One innocent life lost is a tragedy, let alone 109. But when you provoke a war, and when a key Ukrainian military tactic is to station troops and heavy weapons in civilian areas, and to use Russian-speaking civilians as human shields, then innocent casualties are not only inevitable, but also the responsibility of the warmongers and the forces deliberately hiding in residential areas, and cynically basing themselves in schools, hospitals and kindergartens.

We know that the regular readers of this site are part of a special, genuine 'elite' of individuals able to think for themselves, and we thank you for your continued and steadfast common sense and loyalty. So if the sheer bovine stupidity of those who believe such MSM nonsense makes you despair of human nature, please join those of our followers spending just 10 minutes a day posting photos of Ukrainian and foreign Nazis, and of nuclear bomb blasts, on the online accounts and posts of the #StandWithUkraine virtue-signallers.

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