UK students Hundreds of pupils protest in Hampshire, Essex and Lancashire over unisex toilets

UK students Hundreds of pupils protest in Hampshire, Essex and Lancashire over unisex toilets

So-called 'TikTok protests' have continued to rock Britain's schools as hundreds of pupils rebel against teachers over new rules, such as the introduction of unisex toilets.

The social media uprising appears to be spreading, with children in Southampton, Blackpool and Essex staging demonstrations in the past 24 hours that were posted on the platform.

Last week, protests took place in Cornwall, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, with videos of pupils taking a stand against uniform and toilet policies circulating online.

The demonstrations appear to be arranged over apps popular with youngsters, such as TikTok and Snapchat, with some clips attracting millions of views.

In Southampton, two hundred pupils staged protests at Weston Secondary School after being left 'uncomfortable' by new unisex toilets.

As they chanted 'toilet rights', the youngsters pitched up at the lavatories to also take a stand against rules preventing them from leaving lessons for the loo.

The children reported worries about the same-sex toilets at the academy school after their introduction in September.

One female pupil said 'girl emergencies' mean they should be allowed to use the toilet without having to wait 'up to two hours' for a break or lunchtime.

Meanwhile, a parent said their daughter felt so uneasy about sharing a toilet with boys that she has stopped going to the toilet during school hours.

Pupil Cloe, 14, said: 'We don't think it's fair, girls in our school are not comfortable. People think it's funny to unlock the doors while you're in there.

'We're trying to tell the teachers that it's just not fair. We've tried to talk to them before we did a protest but they're just ignoring it.'

Another 14-year-old added: 'We have gone to the headteacher about it before and they just tell you what you want to hear and don't do anything about it.

'You're also not allowed to leave lessons to go to the toilet which isn't fair on girls who are menstruating.

'If you have a girl emergency you should be allowed to go to the toilet when you need to.'

Cloe's mother, Nicole Tipton, said: 'My daughter doesn't feel comfortable going to the toilet.

'The boys have got this thing about putting their phone over the toilet or under the doors to try to get pictures of them.

'I am not happy, I don't like the fact my daughter is uncomfortable going to the toilet - she's a child, she's a minor. She's not going to the toilet all day while she's at school.'

Well done, kids! It's nice to see that the new generation is capable of defending their rights, and especially to be pushing back against the LGBTQ+ agenda.