Purged.TV - Watch New Christian Platform

Purged.TV - Watch New Christian Platform

As liberal censorship of social media gets ever-worse, here's a major new initiative for freedom. And it's just in the nick of time, because the censorship curtains are coming down as the woke elite move to silence every last voice in favour of Trump and against warmongering and perversion.

Our research, technical and marketing teams have been working round the clock to produce a stable, attractive and truly functional platform for Christian nationalists and traditionalists who have been purged from YouTube. And we're proud to announce that this platform is now and and running and live. 

We're still tweaking and populating it, but we urge you to take a look, to subscribe and to do everything possible to spread the word. That includes drawing it to the attention of other purge victims who may be looking for something better and more reliable than crude platforms like Bitchute.

This Templar operation is for Christians and responsible professionals only, but if you know someone who fits the bill, please put them in touch. And thanks for all SHARES too.