Putin: “Leave Children In Peace!”

Putin: “Leave Children In Peace!”

At a time in which the political leaders of the West have completely surrendered to the LGBTQ+ agenda, it’s refreshing to have one head of state who stands up for family values and the straight majority.

In this short video from a press conference at the latest G20 summit, Russia’s Vladimir Putin does just that. “This part of society is aggressively imposing their views on the majority”. he points out.

He went on to reiterate the fact that, while Russian law is relaxed about the sexuality and habits of grown adults, it has laws prohibiting homosexual propaganda among minors. This is the reason for the relentless Russophobia of the ‘gay mafia’ and their liberal cronies in the media and politics.

His answer here is perfect, except for one thing: He says that Western gender confusion now claims that there are “five or six” different genders. Sorry, Vlad, but we should be so lucky! The latest liberal count is somewhere between 40 and 72, depending on which bunch of crackpots are doing the counting!