RCMP Stamps On Churchgoers

RCMP Stamps On Churchgoers

Worshippers who attended a tiny rural church in Nova Scotia have been fined a staggering total of nearly $75,000. A RCMP press statement issued on May 10th admitted charging all 26 adults who they found at a service there.

Around half of Canada's entire population has now received covid vaccinations, with every vulnerable Canadian - principally the elderly, chronically ill or obese - having been offered the jab. 

The press statement reads:

'At approximately 11:15 a.m. yesterday morning, police were notified of a faith gathering being held at a local church in Weston. Police attended the church and determined that a faith gathering was preparing to start. The faith gathering continued against police direction. Police charged 26 people and the organization under the Health Protection Act for having a faith gathering contrary to public health restrictions. 13 males and 13 females were issued tickets with a fine amount of $2,422.00. The fine issued to the organization was $11,622.50

'Police had responded to a similar complaint at the location on May 2, 2021 and a warning was issued at that time as restrictions had recently changed to no longer allow faith gatherings. The organization was advised that continued faith gatherings would likely result in fines being issued.'

The police bullying follows changes in the 'law' which imposed tougher lockdown restrictions on church services. The case is yet another example of the authorities using covid as an excuse to advance their own ultra-left agenda. By reducing Christian worship to the same level as sporting events, and below shopping in supermarkets, our faith is demeaned and denied.

The average age of those who died after a positive covid test in the province is presented as a rounded figure of 80 years on the province’s COVID dashboard. Average life expectancy in the province has consistently hovered around 80.5 for the past several years.