REAL Environment Crisis THEY Won't Touch VIDEO

REAL Environment Crisis THEY Won't Touch VIDEO


The global elite constantly use their fake man-made climate change tale to create hysteria about 'threats to our environment', they continue to turn a blind eye to the very REAL environmental crisis of oestrogen contamination and oestrogen-imitating plastics pollution.

The video above shows just one of the most obvious symptoms of this world-wide crisis. Nut the most dangerous of all cannot be seen - and that's the impact on human fertility and sexuality. The evidence from a multitude of tests is irrefutable: There is a worldwide catastrophic collapse in male fertility, which is feeding the demographic bust which threatens to devastate the economies and societiesof the entire industrialised world.

An additional problem is simply too controversial and up-PC even to state, let alone to research: There is widespread and logical suspicion that the sharp rise in homosexuality and in sexual confusion is also the result of oestrogen poisoning in the water supply from the contraceptive pill and micro-plastics.

While vast amounts of money are being spent, or destroyed through elite economic sabotage, in the 'fight against climate change', this very real and hugely destructive problem goes unaddressed. Why would it be anything else, since the global elite's ill-concealed primary answer to the alleged global warming problem is to slash the number of human beings on our world.

"Fertility crash. When you absolutely, positively got to kill off the plebs, accept no substitutes".

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