Reality Dawns on Nato's Ukraine Disaster

Reality Dawns on Nato's Ukraine Disaster

We predicted exactly how it would turn out: the Nato plan to "fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian" would end in defeat for the hybrid Zio-Nazi puppet regime in Kiev and in a negotiate peace which would secure the rights of the Russian-speakers of the east of the artificial state to join their Motherland.

Having done everything possible to talk up the "West's" prospects in this wicked and wholly unnecessary war, even the gungo warmongering Daily Telegraph is starting to admit that the whole thing has been a disaster.

An article on 18th July, entitled "Ukraine and the West are facing a devastating defeat" clearly aims to soften the readers up for reality to dawn - and to try to salvage for the paper a shred of reputation for accuracy.

Written by a top analyst from the neo-con think-tank Civitas, the article tells readers some home-truths which we were telling them last year:

"As Russian minefields take their toll on western-supplied tanks and Ukrainian sappers, their forces have so-far retaken approximately five miles of the sixty miles they need to split the land-bridge connecting Russia to Crimea. The land between Mariupol in the east and Melitopol to the west is seen as the vital ground to achieving this."

It would have been more honest to point out that the five miles the Ukrainians have 'retaken' is in fact the 'grey-zone' or No Man's Land in front of the Russian defences proper. In other words, the poor Ukrainian conscripts, directed the Nato's best military minds, and equipped with vast amounts of Western weaponry (paid for with our taxes) have not 'retaken' anything. They have walked into a giant minefield and artillery killing ground.

"It is incredibly tough going for the Ukrainians", the article continues. "They lack the air cover and advanced jets to protect their ground forces from Russian attack helicopters and fighters. Their soldiers, meanwhile must negotiate miles of minefields, tank-traps and then ultimately the heavily dug Russian trench networks.

"This gruelling endeavour was always going to take longer than the occasionally impatient international audience was prepared to wait for. It is a military effort of immense proportions, where mass, manpower, morale, equipment, stocks, logistics, grit and luck all play vital roles. So far, the Ukrainians are displaying all of these military qualities.

"The variable that isn’t on their side is time. In war, time is perhaps the cruellest factor one cannot change. We saw this in NATO’s operation in Afghanistan, where the Taliban took great delight in the retelling of a famous Afghan proverb; ”you may have the watches, but we have the time”.

Predicting growing war-weariness in the West and political turmoil in the USA, the article basically tells Telegraph readers to expect a negotiated settlement which will settle Russian ownership of the east and south of the Ukraine, and leave a Western protectorate rump in the west of the territory.

Which will, of course, be precisely what Vladimir Putin proposed should happen through negotiation right at the start of all this. The article concludes that this would be "a devastating defeat for the West". True, and false. Because it is not "the West" that has lost here, but the monsters who control and are destroying the West. The victory of Russia in this conflict is a victory for us all.