Rebuilding The West After The Coming Catastrophe

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Rebuilding The West After The Coming Catastrophe

By the time what is coming has come, most of the cities of the West will lie in ruins. Once the broken neo-Marxist concrete junk of the 1960s and seventies have all been cleared away, the building work will begin on restoring the soaring Gothic cathedrals, the castles and the architecture of Europe’s golden ages. The question is, how will it be done.


Here’s a hint. Because this technology is only in its infancy. Connect it to ultra-strong, lightweight graphite, or recycled ground up concrete, and the bare bones of any building ever created will be recreated from photographs and plans, ready for a new generation of skilled craftsmen to finish the job.

A new, but traditional, world will rise from the ruins. It is not a technological problem, it is a question of having the Men of Faith and Will to see it through. And they WILL emerge! Deus Vult!