Red-Pilled Tommy Ally Speaks Out

Red-Pilled Tommy Ally Speaks Out

With Tommy Robinson back in prison,  attention has turned to what happens next with the Counter-Jihad movement in Britain. Former police officer Dionne Miller spoke about the grooming scandal and her efforts to break through the Establishment cover up outside Tommy’s latest Old Bailey trial. That’s shown in the first video here. Then, below that, is another one by this brave and well-informed lady.

The information she is giving is 100% correct. We saw, and helped to publicise it all, six years ago, and it’s good to see awareness of the realities of attempted foreign manipulation of the counter-jihad movement is spreading ever more widely.

Why does it matter? Aren’t these people ‘fighting the same fight as us against Islam anyway?’ NO! They are in fact trying to get US to fight THEIR wars. And in their current ongoing dirty war against Syria they – along with the Deep States of the USA and UK – have been arming, training and aiding Al Qaeda and, slightly less directly, even ISIS.

Are you willing to pay taxes, or send your son or duahgter, to fight in someone else’s quarrel alongside Al Qaeda headcutters and against the people (the Syrians, Russians and Iranians) who have been fighting them? No? We thought so! Then you need to understand that the people she is talking about are most definitely NOT ‘on our side’.

If by chance you’re STILL not convinced, you need to spend a couple of evenings doing your own research into the origins of the Frankfurt School, of cultural Marxism, and of feminism. Then take a look at the people who dominate the push for mass immigration and the persecution of those who dare to speak out against it. This, friend, is the REAL ‘red pill’. Are YOU ready to take it?