Bishop: Christians must refuse COVID vaccine derived from aborted babies

Bishop: Christians must refuse COVID vaccine derived from aborted babies

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, auxiliary bishop of Astana in Kazakhstan, has warned of the “slavery” that is being put into place through “absurd” Covid19 measures that are even preventing people from using their reason.

In France, where Bishop Schneider was talking from, it is now compulsory to wear masks in all confined places open to the public, in the workplace, in churches and public transport, and outside in some city centers, and even whole cities (sometimes including their rural suburbs) such as Paris, Rennes, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nice, regardless whether one is surrounded by people or completely alone.

Speaking of compulsory facemasks, Bishop Schneider said: “The exterior sign of the mask which all the population has to wear is disproportionate. It’s an exterior sign that the entire population is submitted, and that those who govern us have now in their hands the entire population, really as obedient slaves and marionettes. This is very dangerous and should cause us deep concern.”

Bishop Schneider said that he fears the COVID-19 pandemic is being used as a step towards “One World government” through “control” in a situation that he did not hesitate to compare with his own experience as a boy under Soviet rule. He especially underscored the degree of atheism that is being reached by exclusive concern for corporal realities.

He called on Catholics not only to pray and coalesce with all those who are standing up to the absurdity of measures that go beyond correct and normal hygiene in an epidemic situation but to bear witness to the true hope of eternal life: “There is still an eternal life: don’t panic so much in your worries that concern only the temporal life! We must give a vision even of hope and trust, that we are in the hands of God. Now the government is saying: you are in our hands, completely, we are protecting you. This is very dangerous,” said Bishop Schneider.

He also called on faithful Catholics to continue the Eucharistic Crusade he launched last July in order to do reparation for all the “outrages” against the Most Blessed Sacrament that the COVID crisis has brought with it.

For the future, Bishop Schneider suspects that in some way all governments and all people will be asked to collaborate with abortion through the compulsory administration of vaccines using cells taken from aborted babies.

“I am not affirming now that this will happen, but it is my suspicion: it appears to me realistic that this could come. This is for me the last step of Satanism: that Satan and the world government – ultimately the masonic world government – will oblige all, even the Church, to accept abortion in this way. And therefore we must resist very strongly against this, if it comes. We must even accept to be martyrs,” said Bishop Schneider.