Male GP who wanted to donate blood is turned away after he refused to say if he was pregnant

Male GP who wanted to donate blood is turned away after he refused to say if he was pregnant

A male GP was prevented from donating blood to the Scottish NHS because he refused to sign a form saying he was not pregnant.


Dr Steffen McAndrew, 41, booked an appointment at a blood donation centre in Ayr.

However, he was told by a nurse he could not continue unless he confirmed he was not carrying a child.

'I can't believe they would refuse a donation from a man based on the fact I refused to say if I was pregnant,' he told the Herald.

'I just wish basic common sense could be applied in these situations. A man can't be pregnant.'

Dr McAndrew, who works at a surgery in Prestwick, said he did not want to answer the pregnancy question because he refused to 'placate the gender brigade'.

'I can understand those who have suggested, ''just tick the box'', to enable a donation. However it is the principle of the matter.'

The GP said the question on the form had been marked as mandatory, meaning anyone who did not answer it would not be allowed to donate.

As recently as March, the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service was urging people to donate to ensure supplies were not depleted.

A spokeswoman for the SNBTS said it had been asking potential blood donors if they were pregnant since April last year 'for donor safety'.

'Giving blood may be harmful for individuals who are pregnant, or who have been pregnant recently,' she said.

'We appreciate that for many donors (including some female donors such as post menopausal donors) this question will not be relevant.'

The spokeswoman said the wording of the question had now been changed 'following donor feedback'.

'We are planning to update the wording of the question to ''Are you pregnant, or have you been pregnant in the last six months? (If not applicable, please tick no)''.

'This is likely to be implemented at the next donor health check update due in Summer 2023.'