Help Fight Big Tech: Sign Our Petition

Help Fight Big Tech: Sign Our Petition

On Tuesday 26th of February at noon, Tech Giants FACEBOOK took down the Facebook and Instagram pages of British activist Tommy Robinson with over ONE MILLION followers!

This comes HOURS after Tommy released a video PANADRAMA exposing the corrupt BBC and far left group Hope Not Hate!

A Facebook statement claimed:

“Both pages were removed on Tuesday in response to “organised hate” and the targeting of Muslims. Tommy Robinson’s Facebook page has repeatedly broken standards, posting material that uses dehumanising language and calls for violence targeted at Muslims”

This is NOT TRUE. and once again we see the PC brigade, establishment traitors and far left activists all jumping to defend the corrupt and evil BBC!

We MUST rally around Tommy and the Flag of FREE SPEECH today and make sure this NATIONAL PETITION is signed by as many people as possible in order to send a clear message to the Establishment…..WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED NOR WILL TOMMY!

We DEMAND that OUR Civil Rights and Free Speech be upheld and protected WITHOUT fear OR favour and that WE THE PEOPLE have our rights and freedoms protected in law.

Sign our petition and help fight the Big Tech oligarchy: