Remainer Toad Bercow Must GO

Remainer Toad Bercow Must GO

Boris Johnson is set to work with local Conservatives to ensure that arch-Remainer John Bercow is deselected and so cannot stand at the next General Election. Bercow is at present the Conservative MP for Buckingham, but has consistently abused his power as Speaker of the House to sabotage his own party and Brexit.

According to The Daily Telegraph this morning, the Tories will plan to replace Mr Bercow with a Brexiteer to take on the constituency of Buckingham. The removal of this hideous toad of a man is indeed now a necessity.

Prime Minister Johnson has announced his intention to hold a vote  today on having an immediate General Election, but with Jeremy Corbyn set to run away from such a contest, it is unlikely that there will be the two thirds majority necessary to trigger the contest.

Remainer MPs will also push today for a vote to force Mr Johnson to seek an extension to Article 50. He in turn has indicated that he might simply ignore such an instruction, possibly by trying to get MPs to pass an emergency law allowing them to call a General Election by a simple majority.

Remainers could counter by trying to delay such a vote, but every day that slips by without any firm decision makes a No Deal Brexit more likely in any case. There is also the possibility of the Remainer majority in the House of Lords blocking the legislation, and Johnson seeking to overcome that by creating a large block of new, pro-Brexit Peers – possibly including Nigel Farage as part of an electoral pact.

There are so many possibilities that it is impossible to say what is going to happen.

Only two things are certain: One, that the UK is enmeshed in a constitutional crisis as extreme as any in its history; this could easily lead to serious unrest on the streets as well as in the corridors of power.

Two, that Britain is now caught up in a titanic struggle between two different elite factions: The Remainers are effectively the local puppets of an enforcers for Brussels and the EU Project. And, as the Hidden Templar video below explains, the Johnson side – while seeking to do the will of the majority of ordinary Brits – is at the same time heavily under the influence of the American Deep State.

The people running America have had an interest in dividing and disrupting their European rivals since the late nineteenth century. They and their bankster allies were heavily involved in pushing for both the First and Second World Wars in order to break the European Powers – including the British Empire.

During the Cold War, they took a different approach for a few decades, using the CIA in particular to promote the European Union and British membership of the EU as a way of countering the Soviet Union. With the fall of the Communist bloc, they went back to their old ways, hence the support of large sections of the US Deep State for Brexit.

That doesn’t alter our support for Brexit. It’s the right thing for Britain, because to be tied to the arthritic socialism of Brussels at a time when a catastrophic world recession is looming would be devastating. And because it’s about democracy and freedom.

But, if we do get it, the British people will have to fight a fresh political war to ensure that Brexit turns out to be what they thought it was going to be, and not what the Washington and Wall Street globalists want it to be.