Republican Gov Sells Out Georgia

Republican Gov Sells Out Georgia

Americans who still think that Republican politicians can be trusted to save them and the USA from the Democrats' rolling far-left revolution only need to look at the state of Georgia to see the error of such false hope.

A year after the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery became national news, and nearly 15 months after he was shot while robbing a construction site, Georgia has repealed the vague law being used to defend the men charged with murder in his killing.

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed the overhaul he championed at the Georgia Capitol last week


At the ceremony, Kemp said, “This bill makes Georgia the first state in the country to repeal its citizen’s arrest statute.”

“Today we are replacing a Civil War-era law, ripe for abuse, with language that balances the sacred right to self-defense of a person and property with our shared responsibility to root out injustice and set our state on a better path forward,” he said.

No, Mr Kemp, you just passed a law which strips law-abiding citizens of an important part of their protection against violent criminal scum, and gave another broad hint to 'minority' racist bigots that it's open season on white people and that the law and lawmakers are on the side of criminals.

This is the same Brian Kemp who refused to audit the fraudulent Georgia presidential vote. As we keep telling you: "Put not your trust in princes".