Republican States Expand Unvaxxed Unemployment Benefits

Republican States Expand Unvaxxed Unemployment Benefits

Coercion through the fear of being sacked and deemed to have brought it on oneself and thus ineligible for unemployment benefit is a key weapon in the jab tyranny arsenal. So its no surprise that the Guardian ("!the world's leading liberal voice") is furious at the news that Republican states have begun expanding unemployment benefits for employees who have been fired or quit over vaccine mandates.

The Guardian describes the move as one which "critics say in effect pays people for not getting vaccinated".

Four states – Iowa, Tennessee, Florida, and Kansas – have already changed their rules on unemployment to include people who have been terminated or who have chosen to leave their jobs because of their employers’ vaccine policies. This is a stark contrast to Democrat states which have said that leaving a job because of mandates will disqualify former employees from these benefits unless they have demonstrated exemptions.

There are 30 states with Republican-led legislatures that could follow suit. “I would be very surprised if it stopped at this four,” said Anne Paxton, staff attorney and policy director for the Unemployment Law Project in Washington state said. Missouri is contemplating similar laws, while states like Maryland are considering “mitigating factors” around unemployment and vaccine rules.

The divide is yet another example of the irreconcilable differences which more and more observers believe are driving the formerly United States of America towards a new secession crisis.